Whatís the cost to list a pet on HelpingLostPets.com (HeLP)

Itís free to use all aspects of this website. We hope to recover our development and operating costs through advertising and sponsorship. If you would like to advertise on our site, please contact us at ads@helpinglostpets.com


There are many different websites where you can post a lost pet, why should I use this site?

  • Our site is map based so you can see where pets are lost or found

  • You can create free flyers and posters to put up in your area

  • Automatic email notification if a pet is listed in your chosen pet alert radius

  • We partner with many different volunteer groups. These volunteers help to spread the word about your missing pet within their own communities and networks. Volunteers make the difference

  • Our site also has many other pet services listed, so you can find a dog walker, groomer, trainer, vet, day care or other pet service near you.


Why do I have to join as a member to use this?

We want only real lost pets posted from real people. We validate your email so that we know you are a real person. We donít want spammers posting.


Can I use a different email for my account and for my poster?

The email you register on the site with, should be an email that you check often. Remember if someone finds your pet they may want to connect with you via email, so you need to check your email. Your account email is kept private and people cannot see it unless you first email them. You can also provide Private phone numbers that shelters and veterinarians can access to contact you. This information is always kept Private and will never be sold or provided to anyone else.

We do ask you to provide a phone number and an email that can be included on your poster and will be public.  


What if I need to change my Listing?

HeLP is a full database. If you wish to change your listing at anytime, please visit this link and Login.


How long will my listing be Active?

Your listing will remain active for as long as you want it to.  We encourage you to visit our website every few days to see if new pets have been listed. Each time you visit our website, we will automatically confirm your pet is still missing. You must do this at least once every 30 days.  If you do not confirm your pets status, then after 30 days your listing will go into an archived area.  Archived listings will be remove after 6 months.


Should I re-post my listing?

No. HeLP is not a list. It's a database.  Once you list your pet is always visible on the map as long you keep it Active.


What do I do when my Lost Pet is Back Home or the Pet I Found has been Reunited?

Once you have finished celebrating, please update your pets status on our website.  People may be out searching for your pet so that the sooner you tell us your pet is Back Home, the better it is for everyone.  We will email Back Home alerts to everyone in your area just like we did when your pet was first listed.