Helping Lost Pets - Message
Welcome to Before you get started on searching our map, we want to give you a few tips.

1. THE TOP TIP IS, the grey GO Button only moves the map, you must click the green SEARCH button to search for listings.

2. You are welcome to search listings without an account. BUT, if you want to contact someone that has listed with us, you will need an account and be logged in. If you already have an account we recommend you login now. If you do not have an account, you can join at anytime for FREE. Just click on Sign up in the top right corner

3. Searching requires the following input from you:

a) Location - You can select a location by entering a zip/postal or city into the box and clicking the button OR just click on the map. You can also change your location by dragging the map or zooming in or zooming out. A grey circle will appear after you have searched to show you the exact area you have searched in.
b) Species - You need to pick a species
c) Status - Pick whether you want to search for Lost or Found, etc.
d) CLICK or TAP the Green Search Button

NOTE: Entering a color, gender, breed, etc are all advanced search options and depending upon what you are searching for you may want to select these. REMEMBER, each time you move the location or change any search options, you must click the Green Search Button to re-load the list based upon your selections. To access the Advanced Search Options, click on the Grey Box where you see the words Advanced Search.

4. Those buttons at the top of the map to Hide the Filter, Hide the Map and ReDraw the screen will help to get the screen into the correct layout for you and you will need to use these on Pads and Phones. You can rotate your Pad and Phone too. You may or may not need to ReDraw the Screen Layout after Rotating.

For example, What if you wanted to search for all Lost and Found Cats in Hamilton, Ontario , Canada. For simplicity's sake, let’s say there is a Black Lost Cat and a White Found Cat.

In Regular Search Mode, with Cats, Lost and Found selected, you will see both cats. But if you set your Search Mode to High Probabilty, you will not see either cat.
High Probability examines the pet details and does not show pets that do not match. Only pets with possible matches based upon location, date, species, size, color, gender and age are shown.

NOTE: It’s important to know that pets excluded by the High Probability Filter could still be a match. This could occur because the color was described differently, or any of the other key factors were not entered correctly, or someone entered a pet they found as ‘Lost’, instead of ‘Found‘.

We added this new option specifically for our MatchMaker group and anyone else using our map to help pets get home by matching lost and found pets. If you would like to join our MatchMaker group, please send us an email at and ask for more info about being a MatchMaker.

Let’s get more pets Back Home !!


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