Organization Links
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Your organization links provide those who visit your page to link to other sites you may have like your facebook page, you tube and others.

You can also setup links to Helping Lost Pets that include your organization code.  Your organization code is stored with the new members that visit our site and then join.  We have fund raising and other opportunities and when members make purchases through site your organization will earn credit.


To change your links, click the Organization Button.

Click the My Organizations button.

Select the Org to Edit

1) Click on the org you wish to change.

2) Click on the Edit Button.

Note: Only an admin for the Org will see the Edit Button

Click on the Other Links button
Your links are at the top of the page.

TIP: Whenever you are putting in a link, never type it in.  Copy it from your browser and then Paste it in here. That way you avoid typos.

The links on the bottom of the window are links you can use to us.

By linking to us, you are making sure people that need us can find us.

Your organization code will be stored if someone referred from your website joins and then makes a purchase. We store this code with their record so even if they make a purchase months from now, you still get credit.

We thank you for helping us to grow out site and get more pets home.

Use the Copy button to copy the html code to the clipboard and then paste it into your website.
Use the Preview button to open a small window so you can see what the link looks like and how it works.  You can click on the link here to see what it does.
If you have changed your links or any other information in your organization, be sure to click on Save Changes.