(HeLP) is a FREE Service for all to use and we are proud to be connected to volunteer groups across the country that will help you.  If someone contacts you and claims to be a volunteer or an employee of HeLP and is asking you to pay them to help you, then they are trying to scam you.  If are contacted in this manner, please report to us at

It is sad that people search out those who have lost a pet to cheat them out of money. But it happens and it's not limited to lost pets. There are criminals around the world that prey on people online to cheat them or exploit them.

 Don't be cheated or taken advantage of!!


> They say they can find your pet for money. No, they can't! They may saying they have a pet rescue team who will send 75 people to search for your dog. No they won't! They will find your dog or refund your money. No they won't!
> They call in the middle of the night. This is a tip-off that you are being scammed by someone overseas
> They ask for money by Western Union or Money Order. ALWAYS pay for online purchases with a Credit Card or a payment service like PAYPAL. DO NOT EVER give your credit card to someone on the phone unless you absolutely know who you are dealing with and trust them. NEVER EMAIL your credit card number.

Your credit card company or PAYPAL will provide you a means to dispute any payments. Scammers need you to pay them by a means that cannot be tracked like Western Union or prepaid credit card.

> They say they picked up your pet on the way to the airport and need money to ship him back. Nope, no one does that, but apparently some overseas scammers think you will fall for this.
> They ask for a reward. This should raise a red flag. It might be legitimate, but it could be a scam. If you think they have your dog, do not argue. Ask them to text or email you a photo.

BE CAREFUL OF PHOTOSHOPPED PHOTOS. If you think they do have your dog, agree pleasantly to pay the money and meet them in a public place. Bring back-up. Bring police if you can. Sometimes people who find purebred dogs offer them for sale in the hope of getting a reward or a sale. You don't want to turn down a chance to get your pet back, but you are not obligated to give a reward, even if you said you would.

> You may find it easier to deal with these calls if you use a cell number and save unwanted callers in your contact list with names such as "Don't Answer."
> We partner with many different volunteer groups that may call you and offer assistance.  These groups DO NOT ask for money and their assistance is FREE. is also FREE and we do not have employees or volunteers calling you to ask for money.
> Report Scammers, Spammers and Fraud Artists to appropriate authorities.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Federal Trade Commission

If you are unsure if someone is offering you a legitmate service or trying to scam you, please contact us for FREE advise at:





We are pleased we are making a difference and helping more pets back home. Please tell your friends, family and associates about Helping Lost Pets.