Android App Helps Missing, Found and Adoptable Pets



Join the HeLP network and be part of a community that will help each others get more pets home.

This free app lets you trigger email alerts to our members in the area where your pet went missing.

 HeLP Lost and Adoptable Pets features:

:: a list of your own pets
:: trigger email and text alerts to be sent to our members in the area if your pet goes missing
:: see missing pets near you.
:: You can filter by distance, species, breed, age, gender and more.
:: Contact the owner if you spot a missing pet
:: see adoptable pets near you.
:: You can filter by distance, species, breed, age, gender and more.
:: Contact the shelter or rescue for more information.
:: Snap a photo of a Lost or Found Poster and send it into the support team at Helping Lost Pets. We will follow up with the contact info on the poster to determine if the pet is still in need.

:: Press the MENU key while on the first screen and you can set your location for determining your mobile alerts.  So now if you are out of town and want to be alerted if a pet is listed near you, you can.  Turn them off, set to where you are now or set to your default location.

To set up your phone to receive mobile alerts, just visit the main website.  Click on the tab Subscription, then click on Mobile Alerts. Set up your phone number and your Alert Options.



:: Now you can easily report a sighting to the pet's owner and attach a photo with just a few taps.  If the pet is right in front of you, Take the Photo right then.

Your sighting information including the location you have chosen will be send to the person who listed the pet.


    :: linked to a worldwide network of pet lovers like you
    :: uses your phones GPS co-ordinates as the location your pet went missing
    :: Locate missing and adoptable pets using your phones GPS co-ordinates or enter a postal or zip code.

This app is FREE to use. In order to use the My Pets feature you will need to be registered as a member on You will use the website to add or edit your pet list that will be accessed from your android phone via this app.

The website is also free to use and is map based. It has many more features and capabilities.

To load the app, just visit google play on your phone, then search for help lost and adoptable pets or visit

If you like this app, please make a Pledge to HeLP by donating $5.00 to a shelter or pet rescue, to help them get more pets home. Just visit:



Coming Soon
    :: allow your pet dog walker, day care or caregiver to trigger a missing pet alert for your pet
if they go missing while in their care



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