Pet Sightings
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Pet Sightings will help you find your pet if your pet is on the run.  The key is to spread the word and get as many sightings as possible.  There may be patterns to a dog's behaviour that you can spot if enough sightings are entered.

There are two ways a Sighting can be posted.  We are going to show you how a Sighting can be Posted from our website.  You can also post a sighting from our app for Android Phones.  For more info about our app, please visit:


To Post a Sighting

From the Menu

Select PETS, then



You will be asked to enter the most basic information only. There is a description field please provide as much detail as you can.

It's VERY Important you have both the Date and Time of the Sighting and the Location accurate.

You can look at the Pet Close By to see if you see a match.  We are showing you all pets of the same species lost within a specific Radius.

The value you put into Rank is very important as it gives the pet's family an indication of how certain you are.




If you want to see a larger photo, you can click on the Detail page link for a larger photo and more info.

If there are no pets in your area, please enter the sighting anyway. The sighting info will be sent to our members in the area.

If you did think the sighting may have been for one or more pets, those pets families will be alerted.

To View Sightings

The two key factors in a sighting are:

1) The older a sighting gets, the less valuable it is.

2) Identifying the pet the sighting was for.  It's critical to get the sighting info to the owner of the pet so they can act quickly.  However, a sighting of a black dog could be one of 10 different dogs missing in that area.  As more sightings are reported, the certainty of the pet it is, should increase.

Only the pet owner will be notified if the Sighting Rank > 5.  Each pet owner has the ability to control the release of the sighting information.  The owner may not want the sighting information released because they may not want a large group of people as that may spook their pet.

When a sighting is entered, the person entering the sighting picks pets in the area they think it may be and ranks the certainty of their sighting.

Be sure to turn on your Mobile Alerts so that sightings will be sent to your mobile phone.  You will find the set up for this by clicking on the Subscriptions tab and then mobile alerts. This feature is coming soon


To see sightings, Select the Found Layer for the Species you wish to search.

Be sure to click the green Search button every time you make a change or move the map.  



You will likely need to Expand the Panel on the Right so that you can see the Sightings Tab.  Once you click on the Sightings Tab, you will be able to see the information for Sightings that on the map.

The green dots represent Sightings.