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Helping Lost Pets is FREE for all to use and is map based. We welcome pet related organizations to join. Animal Shelters, Veterinarians, Pounds/Animal Services, Pet Stores, Pet Rescues, Dog Walkers, Groomers, Off Leash Dog Parks, Breed Clubs, Pet Products are just some of the service types your organization can be listed under. If your organization has a physical location, please include that on the map. If your organization does not have a physical location, then put the map marker in your area. We recommend a Major Intersection near you. By joining, your organization will be helping lost pets to get Back Home and you can network to build awareness of your organization or business.
NOTE:  We are not accepting FEE Based Lost Pet Recovery Services. In addition, your organization must have a website or Facebook Page to join.  If you have a Facebook Page, it must allow access to residents of Canada and the US.

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