Helping Lost Pets (HeLP) is a network of people and organizations that all share the same lost and found pet listings. We are grateful to the following organization for their significant contribution to help us grow the HeLP network and to reach our objective to get more pets Back Home.


Lost Dogs of America was created by the two original founding members of the Lost Dogs network: Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Dogs Illinois. For a complete list of states that have Lost Dog Volunteer groups and for many articles, ideas and resources please visit their website:

The City of Hamilton Animal Services takes in stray pets and owner surrendered animals.  We work hard to get the stray pets back home to their owners, and when this is not feasible, we work with various agencies to place as many animals as possible in adoption programs to find new homes.  Together we care!

Generation Wags is dedicated to providing articles and resources to educate the public about the issues contributing to the dire situation of rescue companion animals, and to empower individuals to engage in creating solutions. The human bond with companion animals is undeniable.  Yet our pawsome friends are at risk every day in horrific numbers.  The lucky ones find their way to adoptive homes through the tireless efforts of animal advocacy efforts and volunteers. 

The mission of is to develop a global community of pet owners by providing them with access to up-to-date health and wellness information that is written and presented by veterinarians, animal health professionals and experts.

We will provide access to this information through conventional and innovative technology platforms that will allow pet owners to share information and increase their knowledge for the benefit of their pet’s health and wellness.

What if this was your pet, found wandering and appearing to be a stray? What are the chances you would be reunited?

We’re working to improve the odds … together!    YOU can help by joining Unite 2 Reunite (U2R).

Paws4Change is an Advocacy website with a mission to help companion animals.  You can do something. You can be a force for change. When you get right down to the heart of the matter, it's really all about your choices.

Your values are expressed through the choices you make.

Think you have the BIG PICTURE about animal advocacy?  Most don't which is why the PAWsitive Action Alliance has been launched!  Learn about the issues, efforts, and how YOU can play a role in some small way. 

The PAWsitive Action Alliance ... PAWSOME efforts working as one for change!  Enhance your bond with your own pet, or help save one. Bottom line ... LIVE IT!